Activation – The digital interface to the user

Real 1:1 Communication at all Touchpoints

Personalized user experience with high relevance through optimal coordination of all systems involved

The results are displayed directly to the user at various touchpoints. The content and the message reach each individual user in real-time – always directly where the user moves.

Delivery & Business Value

  • Comprehensive business planning for user-centered personalization
  • Tailor-made use cases for the defined objectives
  • Campaign management with global scalability
  • Smart Signals CDP for optimizing the user journey in real-time
  • AI-based real-time processes

Engagement Service

How can you keep up with the fast pace of digital transformation? Which processes are already obsolete, should be completely overhauled or must be created in the first place? In the ENGAGEMENT SERVICE area, Smart Digital is fully dedicated to organizational change in Industry 4.0 with a precise view of future international and intercultural developments.


How can we specifically get in contact with the user? What opportunities for targeted interaction can be identified along the customer journey and how do we serve customer requirements in real-time? At the core of the SOLUTIONS service module lies the targeted application of user-related data and their direct, automated further processing. Using business and artificial intelligence technologies in the form of discrete personalization, you can reach users as an integrated point of contact at all touchpoints – whether digital or physical.

How can you as a decision maker permanently keep a clear picture of the strategic goals of your company in mind? What are the gaps that arise between operations and the actual digital transformation measures?

Together, we formalise your goals and ensure a clear definition of target groups and relevant key figures. Based on this, Smart Digital creates a benchmark test including a business case evaluation and derives the relevant, individual measures for user personalization for you.

How do you communicate as individually as possible with your customers and at the same time convey your unique brand-specific added value?

By means of a targeted communication approach to address all possible target groups individually in the digital world. Smart Digital knows the different industry laws and gives your brand a unique profile in addition to personalization. In this way, we also ensure continuous further development of your digitization projects after the technical implementation.

How can you ensure that your data-driven marketing campaigns are set up, deployed, monitored and managed in a holistic manner, without being hampered by the complexity of the personalization process?

The solution is: external campaign management. We know the customers and the tone they use to start a dialogue with your brand. At Smart Digital, we generate the desired, sales-promoting event chains via targeted placement on specific frequencies and coordinate the various campaigns with each other – always involving all stakeholders.

Large amounts of data mean enormous potential. Are you worried about how to deal with this and the right conclusions to draw from it?

This is one of the core competencies of Smart Digital: The use of data and correct application of the knowledge gained. We identify valuable business potential for you by means of data generation, processing and analysis.

Nobody knows as much about your customer as you do. The users and their data are the heart of your company: How can this knowledge be reused with the greatest possible added value?

A personalized user approach is not a task that you can leave to your service provider alone. All levels of knowledge must be integrated into the customer journey for an authentic customer approach. At this point, Smart Digital takes your organization on a strategic journey of change – towards customized user interaction.

User-related data is often distributed across different platforms in the company. Each system can only display part of the customer journey. How can your company act as an integrated communication partner on all digital media?

With the modular Smart Signals platform, you can make the right decision for each individual user at every possible touchpoint and thus systematically guide the customer journey. Based on AI, extensive profile attributes and data interfaces to the most important Martech systems. Smart Signals enables you to operate your customer interfaces sustainably, in compliance with GDPR.

How can the right business decisions be derived from complex data volumes?

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, your company intelligence can grow solidly, even while there is an increase in the volume of structured and unstructured data. You can safeguard your decision-making tools using data. Our Data Science Workbench provides an architecture that allows data professionals to take advantage of all technical possibilities and re-integrate the results into a production environment – as a completely independent solution that can be built on any data.

What methods can be used to limit interaction with potential customers in just a few clicks? How do users get even closer to the conversion goal?

Modern websites are expected to transmit individually relevant information with as little effort as possible. Smart Digital provides algorithms that are individually tailored to the use cases. Our innovative approach combines website architecture, AI-based algorithms, and linking to content management systems to deliver an individual real-time user experience.

Which legal regulations in accordance with GDPR-compliant data processing must be considered while drawing up incentives in the automotive industry? In addition, how can the local dealers be properly involved in the processes?

The engine covers the entire incentive process – from setting up campaigns through releasing vouchers at digital touchpoints in real-time from processing and redeeming them. The system guarantees full GDPR-conformity through data hosting on a German cloud service.

Conversion push in email Newsletter​

Improving conversion rates of Email campaigns by using the onsite behaviour of registered and non registered users to individualize the user experience in Email campaigns. This information is used in addition to already existing CRM-data.

User-centered Media buying​

To gather a complete profile of any user media data (“offsite” data) are highly relevant. So far this data is bought for media activities and only partially used for onsite targeting. On the other hand, onsite predictive models are very rarely used to increase media efficiency.

1:1 Personalization with AI

Companies want to address each user individually with the respective wishes and affinities. However, the variety of offers and contents are barely noticed by the user.

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