Analysis – Innovative methods for identifying and classifying users

Analyze, interpret and merge user data into user profiles

Better understand and address anonymous and known users

We develop holistic methods for personalization by means of sound analysis of user behaviour, data source, geo-location and other attributes. The user data is combined into profiles via identity graphs in accordance with the underlying consent management.

 Delivery & Business Value

  • Formulate data strategies
  • Analyse and evaluate existing data
  • Development of a uniform user profile
  • Identity Graph
  • Structure and operation of a data repository

Data Science Consulting

What is the quality of the current database? Which possibilities can be determined with regard to the business perspectives from the existing Big Data of the company? Our experts from the DATA SCIENCE CONSULTING service area will consult you how you can act with your data and go on the offensive. Whether in strategies, analyses or automation solutions – no knowledge remains untapped.

Enterprise Tag Management

Enterprise data is an inexhaustible source of user-generated information and flows together in a never-ending stream as big data in their databases. Where does the data come from, how valuable is its content and where does it flow. In the ENTERPRISE TAG MANAGEMENT service module, Smart Digital bundles its consulting and services for all aspects of data preparation and user specification.

Assessment: Which data and analyses are available and how are they used? What about the quality and availability of the different data sources and how can existing data be meaningfully linked with each other?

We generate knowledge with regard to the desired objective and use AI / ML methods to identify data-driven decision-making tools. This results in clear recommendations for action and the definition and implementation of an MVP.

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How can Big Data be used effectively for business applications? How does the management of data volumes affect data processing speed? What is available and in what form is the data processed?

After analysing the existing data, we jointly determine which Big Data and Data Mining applications can be enabled and bundle the findings into flexible, efficient evaluations. The result is the creation and application of a suitable workflow for flexible analyses in the big data context.

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How can strategic decisions be made with even more nuance and precision and how can all facets hidden in the data be used?

With the use of AI technologies we can identify connections between all data types and sources and at the same time automate decisions and processes with the aid of machines. This enables impressive development forecasts – e.g. on how KPIs and the demand for individual products and services will develop.

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How can an overall view of the customer data from the different systems be created? How can these information islands be combined into a holistic database?
The Unified Customer Profile packets all information that is relevant for your customer communication – e.g., affinities to products and content from the web or the purchase history from the CRM system. Identity Graphs, various identities of the user are brought together and merged into the proper relation. Holistic content management regulates when which identities may be aggregated and used according to GDPR.

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Is the integration of external solutions in your digital channels unstructured, uncontrolled and without defined processes or conventions?

Caution: The data protection regulation GDPR forces you to document your procedures and the partners involved. Smart Digital offers to set up and operate on your behalf globally scalable solutions of tag governance processes – including coordination with experts in law, data protection, IT security as well as IT operations, media, website, etc.

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Does your company lack the resources, processes or know-how for optimized integration of external solutions into your website – let alone holistic tag integration?

Smart Digital maintains a global view of tag management processes and their respective integration. The result is pragmatic coordination and documentation, so that in the future any project participants can trigger the integration of tags according to clearly defined criteria and in the shortest possible time – e.g. via ticketing tools, central mailboxes, etc.

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What happens to the user data leaving your website? How can transparency be created regarding the relationship between already integrated solutions and consumed data?

Smart Digital uses a centralized opt-in solution for cookies and configures its tag management solution accordingly so that each user’s decision is consistently implemented. Together with you, we will define regular auditing processes that ensure that the corresponding tag integrations have been optimally carried out.

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Conversion push in email Newsletter​

Improving conversion rates of Email campaigns by using the onsite behaviour of registered and non registered users to individualize the user experience in Email campaigns. This information is used in addition to already existing CRM-data
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User-centered Media buying​

To gather a complete profile of any user media data (“offsite” data) are highly relevant. So far this data is bought for media activities and only partially used for onsite targeting. On the other hand, onsite predictive models are very rarely used to increase media efficiency.
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1:1 Personalization with AI

Companies want to address each user individually with the respective wishes and affinities. However, the variety of offers and contents are barely noticed by the user.
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