Collection – Data-driven marketing needs a solid foundation

Collect data holistically and consistently

Technology, tracking, tag management, consent management and more

From the systematic collection and analysis of consistency, logic and compliance of the data to holistic consent management – these processes must be standardized for all touchpoints and channels on which the user interacts prior to user-centered personalization.

Delivery & Business Value

  • “Health Check” of the current system
  • Support in system selection and optimization
  • Tracking setup and operation for web analytics
  • Innovative user behaviour – tracking
  • Comprehensive tag management and data layer solutions
  • Consent Management Solutions

Where do you want to go? What tools are available to Smart Digital? Which applications and service partners should be retrofitted or are even necessary? In the MARTECH CONSULTING service module, you can make use of the entire quality spectrum of consulting at Smart Digital and orient yourself in the first planning steps to the best practices from our wealth of experience.

Which technologies are available? Where does the IT infrastructure or software environment still need to be upgraded? Additionally: Who can guarantee precise use and smooth operation? In the IMPLEMENTATION SERVICE module, Smart Digital bundles all consulting and services for the technological background – from provision to operation.

How many different components are currently in use? Which components can be personalized? When and how will the digital customer approach become uniform?

We analyse your business environment, the market situation, the behaviour of users and customers as well as the existing technology environment. Definition of the necessary architecture and roadmaps to digitize customer contact. This results in a clear objective for your future digital customer communication in the form of a roadmap

Can the long-term business goals be achieved with the marketing technologies used? What are the weaknesses? Which components should be used, configured or additionally purchased?

We provide an overview of the constantly changing system landscape and its best possible linkage. Based on the actual state, Smart Digital organizes user workshops with the specialist departments and their respective business and technology stakeholders. The aim is to jointly define a target image as a “projectable” roadmap for further project/program planning.

Where are the obvious gaps in the technology and service landscape? Which necessary requirements have to be met by a new service or technology partner within the framework of an RFP process?
To define the requirements in the target system, we provide experts with many years of experience. The focus of professional competence are:

  • the target image for the use of the technology or the service partner.
  • integration into the higher-level planned system world.
  • integration into existing or planned processes for carrying out digital marketing activities.
What about the data supply of your web analytics and personalization solutions? Why do the different tools deliver different results and how can individual components be replaced more elegantly?

In close cooperation with the customer, Smart Digital defines a suitable tracking setup and supports you in selecting the appropriate tag management, analytics and personalization solution. Based on your business framework, this creates a standardized data model with clear requirements for the representation of user interactions on your digital channels

Important topics: Data protection, IT security, marketing etc. – have you ever thought about introducing a tag management tool?

Using this technology, you can control your user data and benefit from data protection-compliant regulation of your data streams. To do this, we will work together to define the processes for efficient tag management and simultaneously remain ongoing operations for you.

What happens on your digital channels? Are the findings already being sustainably evaluated or do the existing web analytics solutions still require detailed adaptation?

Together with all project participants from the relevant business and technology divisions, we will define the necessary processes for a holistic web analytics concept and hand it over to the service partner for web analytics – we would also be happy to directly remain ongoing operations for you.

What does the operating model for personalization look like? Who guarantees the smooth commissioning of the tools?

Smart Digital helps you choose the tools you need and implement them to fit your needs. In close coordination, the existing technologies as well as internal and external processes for website maintenance are analysed and translated into proper proposals for solutions – from the planning phase to ongoing operation of the current system (customer engagement service).

Is the adaptation of a standard software necessary in the context of the current Martech project? Or is it more advisable to develop your own software solution?

For the recording of requirements as well as the preparation of feasibility analyses and support in project planning and implementation, we provide you with our long-standing in-house experts. Their tasks also include the management of software development teams, technical approvals and the implementation of PoCs.

Conversion push in email Newsletter​

Improving conversion rates of Email campaigns by using the onsite behaviour of registered and non registered users to individualize the user experience in Email campaigns. This information is used in addition to already existing CRM-data.
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User-centered Media buying​

To gather a complete profile of any user media data (“offsite” data) are highly relevant. So far this data is bought for media activities and only partially used for onsite targeting. On the other hand, onsite predictive models are very rarely used to increase media efficiency.
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1:1 Personalization with AI

Companies want to address each user individually with the respective wishes and affinities. However, the variety of offers and contents are barely noticed by the user.
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