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Using AI and the Data Science Workbench for 1:1 personalization

The path is the goal: Depending on the respective use case, predictive and deep learning algorithms are used to generate the right message and content for each individual user. The goal is a completely individualized user approach with clearly granular insights as with the common segment-based targeting methods.

Delivery & Business Value

  • Web Analytics Services
  • Creation and operation of BI concepts
  • Data Science Workbench
  • Targeting and Segmentation
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Deep-Learning Algorithms

Data Science Consulting

What is the quality of the current database? Which possibilities can be determined with regard to the business perspectives from the existing Big Data of the company? Our experts from the DATA SCIENCE CONSULTING service area will consult you how you can act with your data and go on the offensive. Whether in strategies, analyses or automation solutions – no knowledge remains untapped.

Data Science Service

How can individualization be innovatively designed in marketing? At which points can the interaction with individual users or groups be adapted with new relevance – as well as the exact planning of demand and traffic? Using the DATA SCIENCE SERVICE module, we define your customers and users in specific clusters. This results in analytical models for identification and description with clear recommendations for innovative marketing approaches. At the same time, the automatic selection, preparation and analysis of the required data optimizes coordination with the responsible specialists at all company levels.

Assessment: Which data and analyses are available and how are they used? What about the quality and availability of the different data sources and how can existing data be meaningfully linked with each other?

We generate knowledge with regard to the desired objective and use AI / ML methods to identify data-driven decision-making tools. This results in clear recommendations for action and the definition and implementation of an MVP.

How can Big Data be used effectively for business applications? How does the management of data volumes affect data processing speed? What is available and in what form is the data processed?

After analysing the existing data, we jointly determine which Big Data and Data Mining applications can be enabled and bundle the findings into flexible, efficient evaluations. The result is the creation and application of a suitable workflow for flexible analyses in the big data context.

How can strategic decisions be made with even more nuance and precision and how can all facets hidden in the data be used?

With the use of AI technologies we can identify connections between all data types and sources and at the same time automate decisions and processes with the aid of machines. This enables impressive development forecasts – e.g. on how KPIs and the demand for individual products and services will develop.

How can an overall view of the customer data from the different systems be created? How can these information islands be combined into a holistic database?
The Unified Customer Profile packets all information that is relevant for your customer communication – e.g., affinities to products and content from the web or the purchase history from the CRM system. Identity Graphs, various identities of the user are brought together and merged into the proper relation. Holistic content management regulates when which identities may be aggregated and used according to GDPR.
Which digital campaigns are suitable for which customer target groups? Keyword: Individualization. What exactly is needed to achieve maximum user satisfaction? Keyword: Targeting.

Based on machine learning algorithms, we calculate precise application models to generate the desired KPIs and combine all analytical approaches to answer the different questions. The optimized results flow directly into the joint coordination of business goals with your marketing department.

How can the comparison of target groups and findings about relevant information, but also weaknesses in the existing system, be a source of inspiration and new ideas in marketing?

Understanding the relationships between customer data is an important key to data-driven decisions. Smart Digital compares the different phases of the sales funnel with varying segments and target groups to innovate your marketing applications and understand user behavior.

How can similarities between individual users or products be identified and their basic characteristics differentiated from those of other groups? Are all potential target groups served correctly?

We segment your customers into special clusters, thus making different marketing approaches relevant. By dividing users into groups, actions can be taken directly and specifically from the cluster and different segments allow different KPIs to be optimized via multiclass neural networks and decision trees.

Which users are likely to become customers? How can their conversion be predicted and promoted?

Smart Digital calculates a forecast model for you to identify the desired target group and ensures through training, validation and decision on different models that the given framework conditions are met in the best possible way.

Which user is interested in which products? What can you recommend to create a higher user experience? Internal questioning: Should the turnover be increased or the return rate of important user groups be increased?

We help you to make appropriate recommendations and thus to anticipate the preferences of the users. According to the exact business goals, Smart Digital builds specific recommendation services that offer users the optimal content and the best support at all integrated touchpoints.

How can we know today who will buy our product tomorrow? At which touchpoint will the customer meet us next time? Is it possible to predict in real-time what a user will need in the next step during the digital customer journey?

Those who can answer these questions in advance are in a position to break new ground – in advertising, in customer communication and also in capacity planning. Smart Digital makes human behaviour predictable using deep learning techniques and identifies the right decisions for users and user groups in advance of interaction.

Conversion push in email Newsletter​

Improving conversion rates of Email campaigns by using the onsite behaviour of registered and non registered users to individualize the user experience in Email campaigns. This information is used in addition to already existing CRM-data.

User-centered Media buying​

To gather a complete profile of any user media data (“offsite” data) are highly relevant. So far this data is bought for media activities and only partially used for onsite targeting. On the other hand, onsite predictive models are very rarely used to increase media efficiency.

1:1 Personalization with AI

Companies want to address each user individually with the respective wishes and affinities. However, the variety of offers and contents are barely noticed by the user.

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