Automotive Sales Case

Indecisive Voucher Case


Users are engaging with a model on the website but won’t proceed further in the buying process. Reasons are unknown: Do they want to buy, are they interested in other brands, or are they only entertaining themselves?



Every interaction of every user is analyzed in real-time. Trained AI algorithms detect patterns and decide whether they can convert a user to go further down the funnel with an incentive. The real-time decision engine delivers a voucher to “indecisive” users with a high affinity but will probably not buy. The motivation is connected to the dealership and sends users to the POS.


Incremental sales from users that would not have bought without the voucher action. The OEM can personalize the Voucher for anti-fraud purposes through the integrated Smart Digital Voucher Engine and direct it to the next dealer that receives the user information in his own dealer CRM.

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