Four phases for personalized, digital customer communication

User-centered personalization is a task that affects many areas of a company.

The user enters into contact with a company at various touchpoints, onsite, offsite, offline, and at multiple times. This continual process of interaction between the user and the company is optimally represented in the “Infinity Loop” – divided into four phases.


User data is systematically collected at all touchpoints. The targeted collection of data is a central success factor for the personalization process.


User data is analysed, interpreted and combined into a user profile. What is the data quality level? How can existing Big Data be utilized? Smart Digital places your digital investments and applications accurately.


Smart Digital operates the largest AI-based service for user-centered personalization. Depending on the respective use case, predictive and deep learning algorithms are used to always determine the right message and the corresponding content.


Personalized user experience with high relevance through optimal coordination of all systems involved. The results are broadcasted directly to the user at various touchpoints.

Use Cases with measurable ROI

We specialize in services and consulting related to digital customer communication and technology, and we enable companies to combine strategy, technology, data and concepts into use cases with measurable ROI.

Lead Generation through individual Chat

Smart Digital initializes AI-based identification of the users who should be specifically addressed for lead registration.
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Forecast of Website Traffic

Precise forecast of Website traffic for optimizing product availability, conversion rates and resource planning.
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We create a personalized Product Experience at the digital Point-of-Sale

The future belongs to the digital age. Direct customer contact as well – this must be data-driven, AI-based and personalized. Learn more about our services.

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