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Smart Digital joins the Credera family.

With more than 100 employees in Data & AI, MarTech and Management Consulting, we are part of a global consulting network of 4,300 employees in North America, EMEA and APAC.

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Artificial intelligence for your business

Using the power of AI to boost your ROI

Make strategic decisions based on intelligent data and optimize digital customer experiences and campaigns in real time. We have everything you need: the technology, the expertise, and >100 highly motivated AI experts.

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Scalable enterprise solutions

1 million data points, but 0 insights?

With our customized, data-driven and AI-powered solutions, we will distill the smartness from your data and take your business growth to the next level. That way, you can focus on your daily business.

Our solutions


Informed decisions
Data is an opportunity for growth. We’ll identify use cases for the maximum ROI and work with you to develop a personalized, GDPR-compliant AI and data strategy. The result: well-founded business decisions thanks to AI and big data.


Effective campaigns
Improve the efficiency of your marketing channels with data-driven portfolio management. With AI-powered modeling and algorithmic optimization techniques, you can target your audience effectively and get the most out of your media budget.


Personalized customer experiences
Leverage the power of data to optimize the user journeys of your target audiences in real time and craft personalized interactions that align with the interests and desires of your customers. Offer customers the right content at the right time at the right stage of the funnel.


Precision targeting
Using data foundation services, media AI, attribution, and media mix modeling, we will take the performance of your websites and media campaigns to a new level. To reach the right users, we’ll create first-party data AI audiences and enhance the precision of your targeting.


MarTech consulting
Whether multichannel and account-based marketing, multitouch attribution, or personalization using identity graphs – digital business models face a range of challenges today. We can provide consulting and support for all phases of your business development.


Intelligent data utilization
Many companies have an untapped treasure trove of business and customer data. Together, we will unlock this treasure and make it intelligently usable. By doing so, we’ll reduce complexity and unleash the full potential of your business.





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Big data, AI, MarTech – Big words need people who can bring them to life.

Are you a data scientist? Or a consultant, project manager, or marketer? And do you want to actively shape the AI revolution? Great! We can offer you an international environment with plenty of room for initiative and excellent development opportunities.

CEO Smart Digital

Thomas Vogt

Our clients benefit from tailored solutions and the targeted use of AI, big data, and automation. We create value from data and set new standards for the efficiency, effectiveness, and ROI of digital business models.

AI-powered business decisions

Want to take your digital communication to a whole new level?

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Omnicom Group

Part of a strong network

Smart Digital GmbH has been part of the Omnicom Group, a global leader in marketing and corporate communications, since 2019. Organizationally, our 100-member team is part of the Omnicom Precision Marketing Group (OPMG), responsible for Omnicom’s global digital, data, and CRM functions. They all share a common goal: to deliver personalized and relevant customer experiences.

OPMG leverages its universal framework of interconnected data and artificial intelligence to provide various services, including data-driven product/service design, technology strategy and implementation, CRM/loyalty strategy and activation, attribution modelling, technical and business consulting, and other digital services.