As every year, the Machine Learning Week Europe took place in Berlin in October 2022. A two-day event that is the perfect opportunity for data scientists, analysts and AI visionaries to come together and share their successes in areas such as predictive analytics, Industry 4.0, deep learning and more. Our data science specialist Ute Orner-Klaiber was also on site together with our customer Julian Stolte from Volkswagen AG to provide insights into our 1to1 personalization – a groundbreaking solution capable of creating unique experiences for the individual user by tailoring content to the user depending on what they are browsing – and thus more relevant than ever before.

About the Machine Learning Week

At Machine Learning Week, attendees will have access to inspiring keynote talks, informative case studies featuring real-world applications of ML technology, and numerous networking opportunities within a vibrant international community of like-minded professionals eager to advance this exciting field. Modern business strategies, both in terms of technical know-how and economic operations, are explored at a strategic level, with each participant gaining actionable insights.

Our 1to1 Personalization

Our team also had the exciting opportunity to present a new concept at the last Machine Learning Week – our “1to1 Personalization”. Our data science specialist Ute Orner-Klaiber and Julian Stolte from Volkswagen AG were the focus when they presented their AI-supported solution for fast and effective dynamic personalization of content. This efficient recommendation engine uses machine learning technology and can identify at an interactive level which targeted content is most relevant to each individual user, with real-time optimization. Not only does it optimize performance, but it also brings impressive improvements to website KPIs.

Machine Learning Week 1to1

Our real case is best case

In their presentation, they highlighted the importance of personalized experiences for customer loyalty. They stressed that consumers today expect brands and companies to respond to their individual needs and preferences. If companies are able to meet these expectations, they can build a strong bond with their customers and improve their bottom line.
Our data science specialist also discussed the role of machine learning in 1to1 personalization. Machine learning enables companies to analyze large amounts of data quickly and efficiently to identify patterns and trends and make predictions about customer behavior. Based on this information, companies can create personalized experiences tailored to each customer’s needs and preferences. In their presentation, our two speakers also highlighted the role of creativity in 1to1 personalization. Creativity is crucial to creating personalized experiences that are truly unique and tailored to each customer’s needs and preferences.


The Machine Learning Week Europe was a great opportunity to present our case study with Volkswagen – “1to1 Personalization” – together with our customer. The positive response also showed that the lecture was very informative and exciting for participants at the event. You want to learn more about machine learning and how 1to1 personalization can help your business grow? So contact us for a coffee talk! Coffee-Talk!